Clash of Kingdoms Wiki

To see your User Profile, you have to click on the Avatar on the upper left Corner of your Game Interface. You will get a few tabs there, that will give you informations and so on.

User Profile[]

User profile

Here you see your User Information like Kingdom, Title, Rank, Office, Legion and Post.

You can also see your Development, Donation, Honor, City and Prestige Points. The Prestige Level, About Me and Betrayals are allready shown.


User profile friends

Here you can find your Friends and write them a mail.


User profile blacklist

Here you can find your Blacklisted Player so they can't mail you anymore.

Ressource Output[]

User profile ressource output

On that tab you will see the complete Ressource Output for all your Manors seperate and total.

Collect Silver[]

User profile collect silver

Here you can collect your daily Tax up to 12 times a day. Depends on your Silver Output.

You can also collect you daily Salary here. Higher Title gives you a higher Salary.