Clash of Kingdoms Wiki

Specialties are a central part of the Hero and combat systems in game. Specialties serve to enhance your Heroes and distinguish them on and off the battlefield.

When choosing a Hero that best suits your play style, you can’t overlook specialties. If you lust for battle and can’t wait to take down some cities, you’ll want to look for offensive Specialties. If you’re willing to fight to the death to avoid losing a single city to your vile enemies, you may want to invest in some Heroes with defensive Specialties. Some specialties allow heroes to contribute to city operations like Repairing Walls or Improving Roads with increased effect. Remember, ask not what your Kingdom can do for you, but what your Heroes can do for your Kingdom!

Every Hero has six slots each for Skills, Abilities, and Formations. Heroes can use scrolls found in-game to learn more Specialties.


Your Heroes are human too, so sometimes when they use scrolls they will fail to grasp the essence of what they’ve read and fail to learn the new specialty.

Using scrolls can produce the following results:

  1. Success: Hero learns new Specialty
  2. Partial Success: Hero learns new Specialty, but forgets an existing Specialty
  3. Failure: Hero fails to learn new Specialty

Specialty Upgrade: When a Hero learns a higher level of an existing Specialty, the lower level Specialty will be replaced
Specialty Level: Abilities and Skills all have three levels each (formations have no level), higher level Specialties are more powerful