Clash of Kingdoms Wiki

1. The Premier is elected through a 3 day kingdom-wide election beginning 4 days after the server opens.

2. Any player with Development, Honor, Donation Points or City Points ranked in the top 50 in the Kingdom can run for election.

3. Players with a score ranking in the top 70% can vote in the election. Ballots cast by players with higher Titles will be weighted more than average ballots.

4. An impeachment vote can be initiated as early as 4 days after the election by players with the title of Infante or higher and any score ranking in the top 10. A score ranking in the top 30% is required to vote on impeachment.

5. The Premier is the only Rank X player in the Kingdom and holds the power to grant Rank IX to other players and set rank requirements on each city in the Kingdom. All officials and Governors in the Kingdom are appointed by the Premier.

6. The Premier initiates Kingdom tasks to stimulate Kingdom-wide growth and development.