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New manor

Manors are the foundation of your Kingdom. All 5 resources (Food, Wood, Iron, Stone and Silver) are produced by your manors. Players can only have one Manor in each city, up to a maximum of 11 cities.

Manor ressource

Where can I see my Resource Output?
You can see resource output, as well as the current resource stocks, in the Manor interface of the Area Menu on the right side of the screen.

How can I improve my Resource Output?
You can optimize your resource output by building resource output buildings on their corresponding specialty plots. Building your buildings in the right spot will double their output!

Lot flat Flat Land: A leveled off plot suitable for all buildings.
Lot forest Forest: Building a Lumber Yard on a Forest will result in a 100% increase in Wood Production.
Lot stone Stone Mine: Building a Quarry on a Stone Mine will result in a 100% increase in Stone Production.
Lot iron Iron Mine: Building a Refinery on an Iron Mine will result in a 100% increase in Iron Production.
Lot fertileland Fertile Land: Very suitable for farming. Building a Farm on Fertile Land will result in a 100% increase in Food production.

Resource Output Buildings:
The 5 Resource Output Buildings are listed below.

Lumber yard The Lumber Yard is where all Wood is produced.
Quarry The Quarry is where all Stone is produced.
Refinery The Refinery is where all Iron is produced.
Farm The Farm is where all Food is produced.
Residence The Residence is where silver is produced.

Lot fence

There are some fenced off plots in each Manor that are off-limits until you spend Gold or use explosives to clear them.

To rename your manor, first click on Manage Manor Manage manor in the Manor interface, then click Rename in the window that appears. You can also Abandon your Manor in the Manor Management window.

Manor management

How do I create more Manors?
Click Research Research and find Empire of OneManor empire of one in the technology interface.
Click Upgrade to spend Silver and increase your Manor limit.

Go to the World map and choose another City belonging to your Kingdom. The cities that already have your Manors are highlighted in green, other cities belonging to your Kingdom have a blue border.

Manor map

Check the City info screen to see if the City has capacity for your Manor. If the total number of Manors built by other players fills all vacant spots, you’ll have to choose another city. Otherwise, just click Create Manor to expand your domain!

Rebuilding your lost manor:

During combat, your kingdom may lose one town with your manor on it. If you immediately build another manor in another kingdom you may have the chance to rebuild your already-built lost-in-combat manor. It may not appear suitable to the new town but at least you shave plenty of build time for what you can use.