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Gravels are special items you sometimes receive from winning Historical Campaigns or Last Man Standing challenges and perhaps some events.


There are two uses for Gravels: merging specialties and creating Hades Stones.

Merging Specialties[]

Certain abilities can be merged by using Gravels. Each ability has to be at least level 3. For example, Hero's Valor and Blood Battle can be merged if you have those two Gravels in your inventory.

To merge Gravels, simply go to the Mystery Shop --> Item Exchange and click on the desired skill. Certain skills act as Base Gravels meaning you won't see the possibility of merging unless you pick Hero's Valor.

Once you merge the two Gravels they will become an item called a Chaos Stone. In this instance, it will be called "Chaos Stone of Hero's Valor and Blood Battle". You will need a Muddy Stone to turn that Chaos Stone into a Flysch.


Muddy Stones can be obtained primarily from abandoning Insights in the Academy.

Bear with me now... once you have the Flysch, your Hero will need 400 Insight Points in the Academy. Once that is achieved, you will need to click on the Insight, then on the Merge tab and select the Flysch. Doing so will merge the two skills and free up one spot for another skill.

For a *not close to complete* list of mergeable abilities scroll down the page.

Hades Stones[]

Hades Stones are basically super powered Flysch's. If you have two Gravels of the same type you don't want, you can exchange them for 2 Freeze Springs in the Item Exchange. Once you have 30 Freeze Springs you can exchange those for a Hades Stone.

Hades Stone

Hades Stones will let you merge any level 3 or above specialties with almost no restriction. The one restriction being merging two exceptional skills, i.e. - Unrelenting Blows, Stunning Might, Supreme Fear etc.

List of Mergeable Gravel Skills[]

Please note the Gravel on the left is the base Gravel (click on it to see the merger).

Base Gravel Secondary Gravel
Black Arts Infantry Commander
Thunder Call Archer Commander
Mounted Bowmen Cavalry Commander
Triple Threat Bow Master
Pyromaniac Archer Commander
Ambush Cavalry Commander
Thicket of Spears Infantry Commander
Sea of Flames Siege Commander
Unrelenting Blows Yin-Yang
Stunning Might Melee Master
Singular Focus Saddle Master
Vindictive Parry Infantry Commander
Hero's Valor Blood Battle
Chaotic Deception Archer Guardian
United Front Saddle Master
Hell's Cavalry Saddle Master
Brother in Arms Adamanta
Clouds and Mists Archer Commander
Piercing Arrows Archer Commander
Iron Thunder Siege Commander
Cloud Castle Infantry Commander
Rations Bow Master
Complex Preparation Adamanta
Military Talent Archer Guardian
Nowhere to Run Yin-Yang
Calming Touch Blood Battle
Bright Defense Infantry Commander
Barbarians Path Adamanta
Lightning Speed Fleet Foot
Saddle Master Cavalry Commander
Archer Commander Bow Master
Archer Guardian Archer Commander
Archer Guardian Bow Master
Infantry Commander Melee Master
Adamanta Infantry Commander
Adamanta Melee Master
Fleet Foot Frantic Flight