Clash of Kingdoms Wiki

Celebrating our new server and as rewards for voting for us on BrowserMMORPGwe are added gifts packs to Browser MMORPG Gift Shop.

Go grab your code today!

Upon exchanging it you will receive:

Crescent Pearl X5:
Exchange for 1000 to 10,000 Wood, Stone, Iron and Food. The longer the server is open, the higher the exchange rate.
Craftsmen's Manual I X5:
Decrease building time for one project by 1 hour. Multiple Craftsmen's Manuals can be used per project.
Wooden Token X1:
For 1 day after using the Wooden Token, use the Arrive Exactly function during deployment for free.
Mithril X3:
Required for enhancing Gear. The higher the enhance level of the Gear, the more Mithril needed.
Martial Strategies X5:
Increase a designated Hero's EXP by 1000 points.