Clash of Kingdoms Wiki

Game interface

Soon after entering the game, you will encounter the following primary interfaces: main menu, system options, character information and portrait, area menu, and chat box.

Charakter Info & Portrait[]


In this area you can view your Kingdom, Rank, Title, Office, as well as your coupon, gold, and silver balance. Dropdown menus of your Heroes and Manors can be accessed below your portrait. Mail, Events, Arena and Ranking are easily accessible on the right side.

Area Menu[]


In Manor Area Menu can u see how much Ressource you got, your Output, Warehouse and Granary Capacity and your rallied Hero with troops.

City menu

On the City Area Tab you can see Manors Capacity Limit, Minimal Rank requirement, the City Feature, Governor of the City, Deploy Limit, Commerce, City Defense, Transit, Order, Reserver


At the Battlefield tab you see a Minimap, where you can see all rallied troops, if your Rank is high enough.

Main Menu[]


Missions Missions There are many missions available including: Tutorial Missions, Main Missions, Civil Achievements, Military Achievements, City Stimulus Tasks, Kingdom Stimulus Tasks, and Daily Tasks.
Heroes Heroes Here you view and manage your Heroes.
Deploy Deploy Here you can issue deployment and marching orders to your Troops.
Research Research You can research technologies to increase your Manor and Hero limit. Attack and Defense for each unit type can be boosted and Troop carry load can be increased as well. Once you have advanced research, you may even get a chance to select an Ultimate Soldier Unit.
Kingdom Kingdom Here you can find all Kingdom information. This is also where Kingdom officials manage many Kingdom affairs. You can view the Premier’s statements, participate in elections, contribute to Kingdom Landmarks, view diplomacy, etc.
Legion Legion Here you can view all Legion information, including Legion statistics, a Legion member list, Legion leadership and the Legion motto.
Inventory Inventory View and use all items.
Emporium Emporium A workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well. Here you can buy Rarities to make a magical change and it can bring you more fun.

System Menu[]

System menu

Buy Gold: View payment methods to buy in-game Gold.
Help: Contains a beginner’s guide, game walkthrough and game rules.
Customer Service: Submit a query when you encounter a problem.
Forum: A place for players from all kingdoms and servers to interact, socialize and share strategies.
Website: Official Website
Exit: The struggle continues even after you log off, so it may be a good idea to issue some orders before you quit for the day.

Chat box[]


Players can communicate with each other in different chat channels here. Players from different kingdoms can communicate through the World channel to make friends or boast about recent victories. The Legion and Kingdom channels are available for talking to your teammates, and the private channel is available for personal or top-secret conversations.