Clash of Kingdoms Wiki


Beast Hunt[]

Hidden deep in Caves you will find a place to hunt for Beast Orders.

Sending high EXP hunters will give you a chance to get different beasts, each days expenses will gradually increase,making it more likely to catch a special beast.

Hunt # Cost # of Beasts
1 2 Silver 1-2
2 2 Silver 1-2
3 10 Silver 1
4 50 Silver 1
5 250 Silver 1
6 1250 Silver 1-3
7 6000 Silver 1
8 30000 Silver 1
9 160000 Silver 1
10 ? ?

Eat Soul[]

The first Beast Order you choose will become the top one, all other Beast Orders after will become food.

Leveling up Beast Orders will make their specified bonus increase in strength. For example, the one below became "Defense of Shortbow Archer by 8%" after eating the two Beast Orders below it.



Revamping is just like Upgrading in Gear Improvements. When you pick 5 Beast Orders of the same color they will upgrade to the next color. For example, 5 White Beast Orders = 1 Green Beast Order.



Refining is just like Equip in Gear Improvements. By using 2 Beast Orders you can change them into 1 different type of specialty.

Use this when you are looking for a specific type, such as "Attacking Cities, Heavy Cavalry Attack"



Last but not least, this is where you equip Beast Orders on your Heroes.

Simply pick the Hero and click on the Beast Order you want him to use. Double-click Beast Orders to unequip them.