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Starting every Monday at 12:00AM PDT, players will be able to collect Activity Credits for various tasks. The more points you collect for the week, the better the prize you can buy with your Activity Credits.

You can check your current Activity Credits by clicking on DailyTasks and then going to the Rewards tabs.

List of Tasks[]

The following table shows the tasks you can do that award Activity Credits, how many points you receive each time you do the task, total amount given per day, and whether or not you require gold to do them.

Daily Task Credits Per Task Total Credits Per Day

Gold Required?

Donate to Kingdom Landmark 2 20 No
Deploy Troops 2 10 No
Resource Delivery 2 10 Yes
Buy Resource 2 20 Yes
Historical Campaigns 1 10 No
Last Man Standing 2 10 No
Civil Development 2 10 No
Recycle Gear 1 5 No
Recruit Heroes 2 6 No
Buy Gear 2 20 No
Hero Training 1 10 No
Use Inspiration 1 10 No
Battle Royale 15 15 No
Plantation Battle 2 10 No
Building Queue 1 10 No
Recruiting Units 1 10 No
Legion Mine Battle 5 5 No
Study 2 6 No
  • Resource delivery can be done for free for one day if you acquire the 350 Activity Reward the week before.
    • Every day you can buy resources once for free in the Market.

Task Instructions[]

The following table shows what players must do for any given task.

Daily Task Task Description
Donate to Kingdom Landmarks

Go to the Landmarks tab via the Kingdom icon. Donate any amount 10 seperate times.

Deploy Troops Deploy a troop 5 times to a different manor.
Resource Delivery Use the Post House to deliver resources from manor to manor.
Buy Resource Use the Market to buy resources. Can do it once a day for free.
Historical Campaigns Perform 10 challenges in HC via the Arena icon.
Last Man Standing Perform 5 challenges in LMS via the Arena icon.
Civil Development Rally a troop to your hero and perform any of the four City Works (such as Improve Roads in the Post House) 5 times.
Decompose Gear Must have any piece of Hero Gear in Inventory. From the Inventory, click Gear Improvements and go to the Recycle tab. Do this 5 times.
Recruit Heroes Recruit 3 Heroes a day from the Tavern. If you have no more room for Heroes you can always dismiss your weakest one every 3 hours.
Buy Gear Buy 10 different Hero Gears from the Mystery Shop.
Hero Training Send your Heroes to train at The Caves 10 times. Interrupt if needed.
Use Inspiration Use Inspirations 10 times on your Heroes in The Caves. Inspirations can be acquired through various means, mostly through City Work.
Battle Royale Sign up for Battle Royale via the Arena. This can only be done on Mondays from 5:59AM to 5:00PM.
Plantation Battle Attempt to occupy 5 Plantations via the Arena.
Building Queue Upgrade 10 Buildings in any of your Manors.
Recruiting Status Recruit troops 10 times. Can be as little as 1 troop per time.

Activity Rewards[]

The following table shows rewards you can collect using your hard earned Activity Credits.

Daily Rewards can be collected every day and do not lower your weekly Activity Credits. Weekly Rewards use up your weekly Activity Credits. You always want to aim for at least the 700 Weekly Reward which gives you the best prize.

Daily Rewards start with "You got 12 Activity today..."

Daily Activity Rewards
Cost Picture Reward
10 10Activity Hemp Satchel x5
30 30Activity Crescent Pearl x5
60 60Activity Martial Catologue x1
100 100Activity Imperial Weapons Chest x1

Weekly Rewards start with "Weekly Activity is cleared..."

Weekly Activity Rewards
Cost Picture Reward
150 WeeklyReward

Dragon Bone Waterlift x5, Basalt Gem x5, Prismatic Jewel x5

350 WeeklyReward Bronze Passbook x1, Small Carriage Wagon x1, Wooden Token x1, Bronze Steel x1
550 WeeklyReward Deep Trench Treasure Chest x1, Martial Stockpile Crate x1, Chest of Martial Prowess x1, Thunder Chest x1
700 WeeklyReward Hero Invitation x5, Scrap Iron x5, Bulk Papers x5, Call to Arms x3